Certified Professionals

CR Safety offers the appropriate certified site safety management professionals to effectively manage safety on a technical and administrative level. Information is transmitted via daily logs, deficiency notices, recommendation logs, safety alerts, safety meetings and accident reports, all sent electronically.

Site Safety Management Professionals

Additional Professionals

  • Concrete Safety Manager
  • Certified Safety Professional
  • Construction Health and Safety Technician
  • Flag Person
  • Certified Fire Guard
  • Watch Person
  • Audit Inspection
  • Daily Sidewalk Shed Inspection
  • Safety Meetings
  • Safety Orientations
  • QPSS – Qualified Person Site Safety
  • Safety Compliance Officer
  • Concrete Deck Monitor

Physical Protection

The CR Safety team provides everything necessary to safeguard your project and workers. Along with our strategic alliance, we can provide vertical and horizontal netting, shaft protection, and various rough carpentry needs.

CR Safety oversaw the first construction erection and maintenance of the PERI Scaffolding System in New York City.

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