What is a Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator?

Our team of licensed safety professionals is ready to help you manage your New York City job site.

CR Safety provides clients with certified site safety managers (major bldgs. 10 stories/125 feet and greater or with buildings. with a footprint of 100, 000 square feet or more) or site safety coordinators (major bldgs. less than 15 stories/200 feet) to effectively manage the safety of their job site on both a technical and administrative level. Their responsibilities include:

  • Development and implementation of site-specific safety plans
  • Regular on-site inspections
  • Training of workers on safe construction practices and use of PPE
  • Collaboration with project managers and contractors to ensure safe construction practices and compliance
  • Ensuring the necessary permits and licenses are obtained before any work commences
  • Ensuring that all work is done in compliance with relevant regulations and codes
  • Investigating incidents and accidents that occur on a site
  • Maintaining accurate records of all safety-related activities

In accordance with the responsibilities outlined by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) Local Law 81, the following jobs now require both a site safety plan and a superintendent:

  • New building construction OR full demolition (barring 1-, 2- and 3- family homes)
  • Alteration/demolition of 50% of the total floor area of a building
  • Vertical/horizontal enlargement
  • Jobs that pose a heightened risk to public and property
  • Special inspections for the protection of the sides of excavations
  • Special inspections for underpinning
  • Removal of one or more floors

Remember, as of 11/07/22, as per local law 149-2021, a licensed construction superintendent is now also required on major building projects that require a site safety manager or coordinator (10 stories/125 feet and greater OR 100, 000 square foot footprint and greater) when the projects meet both the criteria in 3301.13.3 (construction superintend) and 3310.1 (major bldg. site safety). See code sections below.

The presence of a licensed site safety manager or coordinator [superintendent] provides your job site with an added layer of protection. Due to their extensive knowledge of New York City safety regulations and protocols, our team of site safety professionals can help you successfully identify and mitigate potential hazards before they occur while helping you avoid costly fines associated with noncompliance.

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