What is a Qualified Person for Site Safety? 

Our Qualified Persons for Site Safety (QPSS) are ready to assist you with your next major facade [alteration or] restoration project in New York City, in accordance with BC 3310-01 and 1 RCNY 3310-01 e, 1.

CR Safety provides our clients with everything necessary to safeguard their projects and workers. The responsibilities of our QPSSs include the following:

  • Safety Compliance & Enforcement
  • Daily Site Safety Inspections
  • Conduct Risk Assessments
  • Compiling of Daily Reporting
  • Maintaining Safety-Related Documents
  • Investigation of Accidents

A QPSS from CR Safety is a multi-trained, multi-qualified individual capable of overseeing the management and administrative enforcement of safety and safety-related procedures on a project.

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