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Does My Jobsite Require a Fire Safety Manager?

The New York City Fire Code requires a Construction Site Fire Safety Manager (CSFSM) to be present on a job site that requires a Site Safety Manager (SSM) or Site Safety Coordinator (SSC). CR Safety can provide clients with licensed CSFSMs, SSMs, and SSCs to manage a project’s specific fire safety needs.

Once the construction reaches a height of 20 stories or more (counting subgrade floors), the CSFSM becomes a full-time dedicated position.

CR Safety provides our clients with everything necessary to safeguard their projects and workers. The responsibilities of our licensed New York City Construction Site Fire Safety Managers include:

  • Maintaining accurate records of inspections
  • Conducting regular fire safety inspections
  • Development and implementation of fire safety plans and programs
  • Management and training of workers on fire safety procedures
  • Supervising of Hot Work operations
  • Coordinating with local Fire Departments
  • Ensuring the availability of fire protection devices
  • Ensuring the suitable placement and removal of fire safety materials
  • Ensuring flammable materials are stored correctly
  • Maintaining accurate records of materials used on a job site

New York City Construction Site Fire Safety Managers are essential to ensuring a job site’s overall safety and effectiveness. By adhering to the above responsibilities, CR Safety’s CSFSMs can help prevent fires from occurring, minimize damage, and better protect both workers and the public.

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