In our SAFETY Updates series we’ll be sharing important revisions to NYCDOB’s Chapter 33 Construction Code – Safeguards During Construction or Demolition

BC 3310 – Requirements for the Construction or Demolition of Major Buildings

The revised code now requires the SSM/SSC to notify DOB if the require egress stairs are not being maintained in accordance with the code (3303.11).
The word “accident” has been dropped from the code and replaced by the word “incident”. The definition remans basically the same.
Just a reminder, all definitions have been removed from Chapter 33 and now reside in Chapter 2.

You can see the revision here:

Section BC 202 – Definitions:

The section containing the required inspections that need to be performed by the SSM/SSC has been revised. Certain inspections must be done by the primary designated SSM/SSC (daily spot checks), but other inspections (standpipe inspections and other enumerated inspections in code or rule) may be performed by another licensed SSM/SSC. The primary SSM/SSC remains responsible for making sure those delegated inspections are performed and properly logged. Inspections performed by other than the primary SSM/SSC need to be recorded in the log and signed by the person designated to perform those inspections.

For typical façade jobs on major buildings that are 15 stories/200 feet or greater, a qualified person (what used to be called the QPSS—Qualified Person for Site Safety) can perform the duties of the SSM. Nothing has really changed here. This revision represents a codification of RCNY 3310-01. The SSM still must be designated on the permit and perform certain duties outlined in 1 RCNY 3310-01; but at all other times, the qualified person is on site and overseeing the façade project.

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You can find the Chapter 33 Safeguards During Construction OR Demolition General Section here… 

You can find Local Law 126, authorizing the revisions of these building codes here… 

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