In our SAFETY Updates series we’ll be sharing important revisions to NYCDOB’s Chapter 33 Construction Code – Safeguards During Construction or Demolition

BC 3303.11.2 – Stairs During Building Construction or Enlargements

The existing code requires the maintenance of temporary and permanent stairs during new building construction and vertical enlargements to within 4 stories or 40 feet of the topmost working deck. At least one permanent stair had to be brought up, and in all other locations where permanent stairs would be located in the completed building, temporary stairs were permitted. The revised code provides an exemption to this requirement for structural steel buildings. Recognizing that the structural framing may not be completed to a degree that would allow the permanent stairs to be installed within 40 feet or four stories of the working deck, the revised code requires the permanent stairs to be completed to the topmost completed steel floor. From that completed steel floor upward, the contractor is to provide non-combustible temporary stairs (scaffold stairs) to within 40 feet/4 stories of the top working deck. The revised code also provides basic specifications for those temporary stairs. Though not explicit in the code, it is assumed these same specifications would apply to any temporary construction stair installed in lieu of a permanent stair.

You can see the revision here:

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You can find the Chapter 33 Safeguards During Construction OR Demolition General Section here… 

You can find Local Law 126, authorizing the revisions of these building codes here… 

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