In our SAFETY Updates series we’ll be sharing important revisions to NYCDOB’s Chapter 33 Construction Code – Safeguards During Construction or Demolition

3308 – Unenclosed Perimeter Protection

The revised code makes clearer that typical vertical and horizontal netting, as well as guardrails, do not require an application submission and permit from DOB. Vertical and horizontal netting, however, require design (no change here). Typical guardrails that meet the specifications in 3308.7 do not require design. These specifications are similar to OSHA’s requirements. Deviations from these guardrail specifications will require design meeting loading criteria established in the code (no change here)

You can see the revision here:

One of the exceptions to the need for vertical netting at window openings has been modified. The exception now requires that the sill height be 42 inches, not 2 feet. Otherwise, 60” vertical netting must be maintained.

The zero cable is now required to be secured to the deck and remain in contact with the deck to prevent small debris from getting under the netting.

The revised code makes clear that the installation, maintenance, and removal of the unenclosed perimeter protection systems must be supervised by the project permit holder and his designated competent person. Also, a new section was added for inspection requirements and for vacuum cleaning of areas at the perimeter when work is performed that typically produces dust and small debris. Vacuuming is also necessary prior to temporary removal of unenclosed perimeter protection. The object here is to mitigate material/debris/equipment fall hazards at the perimeter, especially when the protection is temporarily removed. It is quite common for debris to be outside the vertical netting and resting on the concrete slab eyebrows. These inspections should be recorded in the SSM, SSC, CS, logbook or otherwise documented by the competent person.

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You can find the Chapter 33 Safeguards During Construction OR Demolition General Section here… 

You can find Local Law 126, authorizing the revisions of these building codes here… 

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