The penalty for failure to file a certificate of correction for an Immediately Hazardous Class 1 summons will be increased from $3,000 to $5,000. The increased penalty will apply to summonses issued on or after May 15, 2022, for an immediately hazardous condition at a construction site that is not a one- to four-family home.

Immediately Hazardous Violation (AEUHAZ) Civil Penalty Payments To pay an Immediately Hazardous Violation Civil Penalty fee, log into eFiling at and select Express Cashier Payments and Hazardous Violation Fees. Payment can be made by eCheck or credit card. Credit card payments include a 2% service charge. Payments in-person or by mail are not accepted.

Certificates of Correction for Immediately Hazardous Class 1 Summonses

A Certificate of Correction request must be submitted to resolve an open OATH summons. Upload Certificate of Correction documents by using an eFiling account to log into DOB NOW at and select the BIS Options portal. If you need to create an eFiling account, visit For forms, questions about resolving an OATH summons or certifying correction, visit, or submit an inquiry at

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