Beginning January 2, 2024, the Department of Buildings will not issue a permit if the Construction Superintendent (CS) designated on the permit application is already designated on 3 or more active permits.

Local Law 149 of 2021 provides that, beginning on January 1, 2024, an individual may not be designated as the primary construction superintendent for more than 3 jobs. This is a change from the current limitation of 5 jobs. Construction superintendents who are designated on more than 3 active jobs must choose which jobs to withdraw from to reduce their total jobs to three. If one of the jobs for which the CS is designated as a primary Construction Superintendent is on a building that meets the definition of a major building, the individual may only be designated as the primary CS for that job and may not serve as the primary CS for any other job. To reduce the total number of jobs on which the CS is designated:

Withdraw a CS from a Permit

For DOB NOW jobs, the CS selects Withdraw Site Safety Stakeholders from the Filing Action column on the Work Permits dashboard. For BIS jobs, the CS requests to be withdrawn from a permit by submitting a signed letter of intent to withdraw to the Borough Commissioner’s Office.

Change the CS on a Permit

For DOB NOW jobs, the permit applicant renews the permit with change at any time. For BIS jobs, the permit applicant renews the permit with change by dropping off a PW2 at the Borough Office. Permit renewals with change cannot be processed in eFiling.

Release Site Safety Requirements (Release the CS)

Review the July 8, 2022 Service Notice for the process for requesting site safety release.

For assistance, submit an inquiry via the DOB Help Form at

See the detailed DOB Service notice here…

Should you have any questions about these safety updates, give us a call at 212-736-6900 or email us at:

You can find the Chapter 33 Safeguards During Construction OR Demolition General Section here… 

You can find Local Law 126, authorizing the revisions of these building codes here… 

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