Beginning on October 30, 2023, the following requests related to jobs filed, or to be filed, in the Buildings Information System (BIS) and DOB NOW will be submitted in DOB NOW: Build.

• Construction Codes Determination (CCD1)

• Zoning Resolution Determination (ZRD1)

• Second review of plan examination objections

Paper CCD1 and ZRD1 forms, and requests for second review of objections submitted by email will not be accepted on or after October 30, 2023. Until further notice, Electrical Special Permission requests will continue to be submitted using the current paper CCD1 process.

Requests for Determinations & Appeals in DOB NOW

To submit a request for a Pre-Determination, Determination or Appeal, login to DOB NOW at and select +Determinations. The fees for these requests will be paid in DOB NOW.

Requests for Second Review of Plan Examination Objection

To request a second review of an objection issued by a plan examiner on a DOB NOW job, go to the job filing and select Second Review of Objection under Select Action. For BIS jobs, select +Requests and Second Review of Objection and enter the BIS job number.

Requests Submitted Prior to DOB NOW Launch

Requests submitted prior to October 30, 2023, will continue under the current processes, and will not be required to be refiled in DOB NOW.


Visit the DOB NOW Training Page at to register for training and to access step-by-step guides, user manuals, and videos.

DOB NOW Inquiries & Support

To submit an inquiry about DOB NOW, visit the DOB NOW Help Form at

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You can find the Chapter 33 Safeguards During Construction OR Demolition General Section here… 

You can find Local Law 126, authorizing the revisions of these building codes here… 

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