From NYCDOB 7/25:

This document clarifies the procedure to obtain approval from the Department for the use of non-sidewalk level pedestrian protection such as containment netting as an alternative to sidewalk sheds. Conditions which are appropriate for the use of containment netting are also outlined.

NYC BC section 3307.1 requires that pedestrians be protected from unsafe conditions that may occur during construction and demolition activities. In addition, for existing buildings with unsafe exterior wall conditions, public protection is required.

For construction and demolition related projects, sidewalk sheds and fences are the primary Code-prescribed means of providing protections for pedestrians. In certain instances, containment netting may be a viable alternative to a sidewalk shed until permanent repairs can be performed. Because containment netting is not Code-prescribed its use must be treated as an alternative material which per AC 28-113 requires review and approval by the Department.

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