In August 2023, New York Department of Buildings updated required protocol for third-party certifications for erecting tower cranes.


Erecting a tower crane is only permitted after the equipment’s applicant – the Engineer of Record (EOR) – submits all required documentation and the Department’s Cranes and Derricks Unit reviews the submission and grants Crane Notice (CN) approval. To be granted a Crane Notice (CN), the EOR must submit third-party certifications, which include certification letters, reports and documentation.

The following protocol outlines the requirements for the EOR, third-party inspectors (inspector) and crane owners (owner) and may be updated to meet statutory requirements and industry practices.


Third-party certification must be provided and include certification letters from the EOR, inspector and owner. These letters must contain references to the equipment and project, such as the: CN approval number, Crane Device (CD) number, Crane Serial Number (SN), crane model number, project location of the crane, and all other relevant documentation outlined in this protocol. The third-party certification must state:

1. a thorough review of the crane installation, operation and maintenance manuals has been
undertaken for a comprehensive understanding of the components, functions, servicing, and
inspection requirements

2. the repair, testing and inspection records, and any other relevant crane documents were reviewed

3. a complete inspection and non-destructive testing of the crane and all its structural, mechanical, electrical and control components were performed and documented; and

4. that the electrical power source was connected by a Department verified licensed Master Electrician (for tower cranes operated primarily by electrical power source). If the crane is to be powered by Generator set, EOR/Owner shall provide crane power requirements and generator output specifics and certify by letter, that the unit is acceptable to power the machine. Submit NYC Licensed electrical permit, (Gen set and street power).

For more additional info, including EOR, Inspector, Owner documents and special requirements, download the NYC DOB protocol PDF here…

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