By Wilma Abreu – Director of Construction Site Safety Plans & Programs Management

Navigating NYC Regulations with Expertise

At CR Safety Group , Domani Consulting & GGA Architectural Studios, we specialize in streamlining construction processes and ensuring compliance with New York City regulations. Our comprehensive suite of services caters to the unique needs of construction projects, offering peace of mind to developers, contractors, and property owners.

1. NYC DOT Logistics Drawings and Expediting (Domani Consulting)

  • What We Offer: Our team excels in creating detailed Department of Transportation (DOT) logistics drawings. These drawings facilitate efficient transportation planning, ensuring smooth material flow and minimizing disruptions during construction.
  • Why Choose Us: With our expertise, your project will benefit from optimized logistics, reduced delays, and enhanced safety.

2. NYC DOB Site Safety Plans & Site Safety Management Services (CR Safety)

  • What We Provide: Our NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) site safety plans are meticulously crafted to address safety concerns at every stage of construction. From excavation to superstructure, we prioritize worker well-being and compliance.
  • Our site safety management services ensure seamless execution of safety protocols. CR Safety offers the appropriate certified site safety management professionals to effectively manage safety on a technical and administrative level. Information is transmitted via daily logs, deficiency notices, recommendation logs, safety alerts, safety meetings and accident reports, all sent electronically.
  • Why Partner with Us: Our safety plans & management services not only meet regulatory requirements but also enhance on-site safety, mitigate risks, and foster a culture of responsibility.

3. NYC DOB TPP/OPP Drawings (GGA)

  • Our Approach: We specialize in creating Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) & Occupant protection plan (OPP) that safeguard occupants during construction adjacent to occupied buildings.
  • The Advantage: By choosing us, you gain a reliable partner committed to minimizing disruptions to tenants and maintaining a safe environment.

Remember, safety and efficiency go hand in hand. By choosing CR Safety Group, Domani Consulting & GGA , clients not only comply with regulations but also elevate their construction experience !

For inquiries or consultations, reach out to us at (212) 736-6900 & via email:

A Full-Service Safety Management Firm

CR SAFETY offers full-service construction safety solutions, including on-site, professional safety management staffing, complete and customized Plan Program Development, and all required safety training.

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